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Ventil ovládání náhonu

Napsal: stř lis 19, 2014 10:01 pm
od luter
Hi Libero Maniacs,
I want to say hello:) This is my first post. Yesterday I bought my first SUbaru libero and I have problem with 4wd. I need this part:
Thanks for Your help. Sorry for my english but I do not know Your language :)

Re: Ventil ovládání náhonu

Napsal: sob lis 22, 2014 10:24 pm
od covex
No problem with english, but some here may understand a polish as well.

Regarding the 4wd ventil - this is a very common failure. All my attempts to repair it failed. It has a pretty sensitive construction, that is eroded a lot in Liberos motor room. You will most probably not get any "used" in much better condition. Buy a new one from Subaru (cca 100EUR) and you will save many hours of your life time. First make of cource sure, this is due to the ventil and not the wiring.