Autum Tisá-Ostrov-camp "Pod císařem" 15-17.9.2006

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Autum Tisá-Ostrov-camp "Pod císařem" 15-17.9.2006

Příspěvekod covex » čtv črc 06, 2006 9:18 am

Jarda asked me to specify the meeting from 15-17.9. in Ostrov by Tisa. Internet address is Accomodation: cabins 2-5 places or own tent or sleeping in car (own). Price dependent of cabin size 135-200Kc (~4-7EUR), possibility to rent a blanket etc.

On friday he will be in place from 15h. Till evening it is expected that people will accomodate a take some simple meal. On Saturday at 9 is a breakfast then leaving to visit Tisa, sightseeing of Tisa walls 2-4h and according to interest and weather return to camp, where lunch will be prepared, after lunch trip to woods can start. Evening is reserved for conversation, exchange of pictures etc.
Sunday: 9h breakfast, till noon another riding is possible, lunch and then departure. The complete price for accomodatin is expected somewhere around 600-800Kc/person.
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