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Náhodný kolemjdoucí
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I did manage to get my vacuum lines straight. Rebuilt the whole diagram using brand new lines, secured with clamps. I even got the 4WD to work(vacuum lines were messed up).
I got this sweet package deal for a vacuum meter and I want to install it in the engine bay. I hear they are useful when tuning the carb, it was cheap, it's gonna look good in the engine bay, so I bought it. It goes up to 76 mmHg. Is that enough? i think it is.
Thinking of splicing it in the line that goes from the carburetor to the distributor(as shown in the installation manual). Will that affect the way the engine runs? I've noticed that they are really sensitive to mods done to the air/vacuum system.
Also thinking about getting one of those K&N reusable high performance free flow air cleaners next time I'll replace mine. Will that affect the way the engine runs? I noticed that this engine is really sensitive about that too.
Have a good day everybody!